The Joanne Scee Memorial Fund

My mother, Joanne Scee, passed away May 24th, 2021. In her last week, Mom asked me about everything - family, business, health, everything. We talked about PowerUP, and how it’s grown. She didn’t realize how much we had expanded, and she lit up when I shared the details. Then she said, “you know, you get that from me!”

When she said that, I knew it was true, but I had never thought about it until she said it. Mom was always helping people find their way. She was the one person who would drop everything to help a family member or friend in need. She said she wanted to contribute, so I started The Joanne Scee Memorial Fund to honor her memory and to further the mission of PowerUP.

Joanne Scee Memorial Fund Donors

We targeted a goal of $10,000, ended up raising over $20,000, and with matching contributions it was doubled to $40,000.

We thank those who participated in donating to the Fund this past year.

Joanne Scee Memorial Fund
for PowerUP Scholarship

Goal Reached!

In memory of Joanne Scee

Click here to donate to the Joanna Scee Memorial Fund for PowerUP Scholarship