Scott instructing a martial arts class.

Mutual Passion for Helping Kids Brings PowerUP and Scott Tasker Together

Scott Tasker, one of our instructors, brings his passion for helping kids to PowerUP. He’s been with us for about a year and began practicing martial arts in 1987, teaching since 1991.

“I initially started practicing martial arts because I was injured playing football and l was curious about martial arts,” Scott says. “I began teaching martial arts because I found that I really enjoyed helping others and found that the ‘learn to teach, teach to learn’ model really did foster continuous learning even when teaching others.”

“I ran my own non-profit, Kicking For Kids Foundation, Inc. for several years so that I could provide scholarships for kids but found that trying to operate a non-profit AND a for-profit business at the same time really limited my time. Working with PowerUP has enabled me to focus on what I do best, TEACH. I am extremely grateful that PowerUP is able to focus on fundraising and scholarships so that I can focus more of my efforts on working with the kids,” Scott explains.

“I think it’s great that the staff, specifically, Connor Cook, takes time to get involved personally with my organization and genuinely cares as much about the progress of the kids as I do.”

Scott’s company, North Metro Martial Arts, currently mentors about 90 kids and is a real family affair run by he, his wife, and their two daughters. His favorite aspect of teaching is watching kids develop confidence and coordination, and creating lasting relationships.

Through their experience with PowerUP, Scott notices that students learn to show respect to others; their behavior and grades improve. Additionally, Scott hopes that students will learn to always try their best at whatever they do in life. 

“Give it a shot!” Scott encourages students who are thinking about applying to PowerUP. “You will make lifelong friends while getting in shape and learning self-defense techniques that will make you believe in yourself.”

As someone who works with Scott on a very regular basis I am grateful to him and his family for the work they have done for PowerUP. Thank you for your dedication to helping kids succeed, Scott!

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