Mentorship Matters

We never would have thought how PowerUP would be able to operate in a digital environment, but thanks to some quick thinking and action by

PowerUP board directors Stéphan Donzé and Mike Auzenne recently sat down Zoom-style with our Senseis to talk about what martial arts has meant in their

We are excited to add Richard Trammell to the PowerUP family as our second sensei. Richard is a 3x world champion in the art of Shidokan, and has been training kids and adults in Atlanta at Trammell Fitness and Martial Arts since 1999. Richard is mentoring 16 scholarship kids in partnership with LaAmistad.

At a martial arts gym in Atlanta, kids sit in a semicircle around their sensei. He talks to them about persistence, about trying their best and about managing their feelings.

We had a successful fall camp in October when the Atlanta Public Schools were off. We had a total of 16 kids join us throughout the week, half of which were scholarship students. As always, in addition to learning karate, and burning off some energy, Trey talked to the kids about doing their best, even on days when they don't feel like it.

Meet some of our scholarship students as they share their experiences from this summer.

TechBridge Blog Today we’re excited to kick off our brand new #StoriesofImpact series. Over the next few months we’ll bring you the inspiring stories of

Proud moment! Our first group of scholarship students at Power Up Martial Arts passed their Belt Test. Congratulations!

We've got 11 kids on scholarship - they're learning respect, self-control, integrity and academics!

Tomorrow wraps up week two of PowerUP. Meet Sensei Trey Lambert talking about teaching kids self-control and integrity.

Charlie Yates filed the incorporation docs, and is working on the 501c3 designation. Kim Lambert is interviewing underprivileged kids at Garden Hills Elementary for the program. Dianne McAnallen is helping get the word out. Tom Avery agreed to join the board. Mike Gandy is working on the business plan.

I’m teaming up with my ‘little brother’ Michael Gandy and local gym owner Kim Lambert to start a scholarship fund for needy kids to participate

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