PowerUP Partner Guillermo Cesario Inspires Students to Challenge Fear with Confidence

Every week, more than 60 students come to Warriors Forever Martial Arts to learn from PowerUP instructor Guillermo Cesario. Since partnering with PowerUP in March 2022, Guillermo has quickly become one of our busiest instructors. 

Recently, I was able to attend one of Guillermo’s classes and watch students learn under his mentorship.

Located off Buford Highway, Warriors Forever Martial Arts is more than just a place for students to take taekwondo classes—it’s a community. The family-run studio is committed to encouraging its students to believe in themselves, to work hard, and to pursue their dreams. 

Classes at Warriors Forever Martial Arts are a true family affair. While I attended a “big kid” class for ages 12 and up, PowerUP has an equal number of scholars under 11 who also take classes. Guillermo wanted to ensure that siblings could train at the studio together while still enjoying classes with their peers. Siblings can observe from the audience, cheering each other on and learning from one another. 

But Warriors Forever Martial Arts classes are more than just a feat of athleticism. Students study taekwondo principles, as well as the PowerUP principles of Self-Control, Resilience, and Respect. They speak and count in a mixture of English, Spanish, and Korean, and are constantly pushing themselves to improve.

The PowerUP Scholars who study at Warriors Forever Martial Arts are all incredibly dedicated to their studies and have adapted quickly to the mantra Guillermo uses himself. You cannot walk into their studio without hearing students confidently chanting:

“I can!

I can do it!

Nothing is impossible!

Your fear is your biggest disability and you CAN’T let it win!”

Every class, he asks them to repeat the mantra and remember it in their daily life. A practice that we could all benefit from.

Soon, these students will be testing for their first Yellow Belt. I cannot wait to be in attendance and watch them thrive!

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