PowerUp Program Coordinator Yulvi Reyes Solorio Connects with Students and Families

Since joining PowerUP Scholarship Fund as Program Coordinator in June, I have had the pleasure of learning more about our scholarship families. Over the last month, I’ve been focused on getting to know our scholars, receiving parent feedback, and connecting with over 155 families.

While speaking with one family, I learned about a student who has often felt unheard and unnoticed in their home and school community. Having to live in a different country than their parents has been difficult enough for this scholar, however, their instructor has acted as an extra positive role model and been a guiding force for a needy pupil.

Thanks to their studies, this student has something to think about besides missing home. They come back from their classes talking about the new friends they have made, what they have learned, and what they look forward to in their next class.

This experience is far from abnormal with PowerUP Scholars. It has been life changing for many youth to have not only a physical activity to practice, but to also find a mentor who can help them recognize all that they are capable of — even when the students do not believe in themselves and their potential.

Along with learning about how we are already helping kids thrive, we are also committed to learning about how PowerUP can support more youth.

We have been able to reconnect with many families who lost contact with PowerUP due to circumstances brought by COVID and initiate an ongoing conversation with those interested in taking part in the program once again. These families believe in the power of our services and are excited to rejoin their martial arts classes. Many new families are also learning about our services, and have begun to reach out to see if their students can qualify for the PowerUP scholarship.

There’s no doubt that the opportunities PowerUP brings to our communities is something many families have and will continue to benefit from. I look forward to continuing this journey and helping even more families thrive!

To help us mentor more kids yourself, visit powerupscholarship.org/donate-now.