Sharing 47 Years of Martial Arts Experience with PowerUP

We’re excited to introduce you to Richard Trammell, one of our martial arts instructors. He’s been working with us for four years.

Richard has been practicing martial arts for 47 years, beginning at the age of eight. After several years as an assistant instructor, he’s been a full-time instructor for 23 years. “I was inspired by my older brother, who started training five years prior. As I came up, senior members would always help teach junior members.”

Richard heard about PowerUP through Austin Scee, who told him about his idea to help kids in the community through martial arts. Now, Richard mentors about 40 kids through elementary school programs, online Zoom classes, and his own Dojo (school).

Since joining forces with PowerUP, Richard says he’s learned how martial arts can motivate and inspire young people. His favorite part of teaching is “seeing kids grow through martial arts. Many overcome shyness, improve their confidence, and develop motor skills.”  

He strives to teach students skills, like teamwork, develop self-control, and how to work through adversity. Richard has seen kids improve their fitness and coordination, too.

“The first belt test we conducted, a few years ago at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, the kids had to break a board to pass their yellow belt test,” Richard says. “One kid struggled to break his board. After many attempts, tears and bruised knuckles, he broke the board. He never gave up, exemplifying resilience, one of PowerUP’s core values.” 

Richard has a message for kids who are on the fence about applying to PowerUP: The lessons that you learn through martial arts can be applied to everyday life situations.

Thank you for your mentorship, Richard!

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