Students Show Off Kali Skills in Summer Showcase

Like many schools, Nickajack Elementary School has an After School Program (ASP) that allows children a chance to learn about things they don’t see in their typical classroom setting. This Spring, PowerUP was able to partner with Nickajack Elementary’s ASP program and offer students a chance to train with our very own Scott Tasker. 

The practice that student’s worked on at Nickajack was a martial art called Kali. Kali is the national martial art of the Philippines. This martial art is focused on weapon-based fighting but allows students the opportunity to explore their breathing, self-control, and focus. For eleven weeks, Mr. Tasker and the scholars focused on learning the basics of Kali. 

On May 22nd, the students were invited to North Metro Martial Arts to showcase what they had learned to their parents. Madison, one of the scholars in the program, said that at first the training was “a little scary” but after time she really grew to love it. Madison’s mother, Andrea, said that the program was a great opportunity for her child and was grateful that PowerUP was added to the Nickajack after school curriculum. “It’s nice to have a program that our children can both have fun in but at the same time learn principles they can use in real life.”

These students were then invited to join the North Metro Martial Arts for a summer Taekwondo program and will be training there through the summer. Upon completing this program, students will have the chance at the end of the summer to test for their yellow belt. 

We wish all of these scholars the best of luck in their continued martial arts journey and look forward to coming back to Nickajack this fall!

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