Thanks to C. Tycho Howle for the Generous Donation and Sponsorship

We’re thrilled to share that the generosity of our newest sponsor, Tycho Howle, will fund 40 PowerUp scholarship students for a year! 

Tycho is a Clemson University and Harvard Business School graduate who founded and scaled two separate eCommerce businesses – Harbinger Corporation and nuBridges, Inc. – which have since been acquired and taken private. Howle is now retired and enjoying his grandchildren, but his desire to help others remains ever present. He and his wife have made more than 1,000 grants to support education, healthcare, the homeless, and the arts through the C. Tycho and Marie Howle Charitable Foundation.

The partnership between PowerUp and Howle is a full circle moment for PowerUp Co-Founder Austin Scee, who was mentored by Tycho when he worked at Harbinger. Tycho is also a long time friend of Board Director Tom Avery. The trio is excited to see 40 more at-risk youth flourish under the teaching of PowerUp senseis, whose core values are self control, resilience, and respect.

Tycho’s financial support not only grants tuition to 40 students, but has enabled PowerUp to hire its first executive director, Connor Cook. Thank you, Tycho! 

If you have interest in sponsoring, please visit