Image of Beatriz Illescas.

Welcome Beatriz Illescas Putzeys Claugus to our Board of Directors

We’re excited to announce the addition of Beatriz Illescas Putzeys Claugus to our Board of Directors. Beatriz boasts an impressive resume. She founded and ran a pre-school in Guatemala, taught in the most prestigious Universities in Guatemala, and represented her country as Consul General. Her life’s work has been rooted in service. 

In 2011, Beatriz founded The Foundation For A Better World (“FFBW”) where she currently serves as Director. The FFBW is a philanthropic private foundation with a focus on education, health, immigration, and technological and medical research. Under her leadership, the FFBW has grown tremendously. 

Beatriz has known PowerUp Board Director Tom Avery for over a decade. Tom shared his excitement, saying, “Beatriz’s personal experience as an immigrant from Guatemala, and as a woman, adds an important perspective for us. About half of our scholarship students are Hispanic, and our gender mix is 50/50 as well.” 

Beatriz has served on a number of boards, primarily in mentorship and education, and shared that she feels tremendously honored to have been invited to serve on the PowerUP Board of Directors. Our mission aligns closely with her personal values and Beatriz notes, “I lead with my heart, and am excited to learn more about our scholarship students and their families.” Beatriz lives in Atlanta with her husband Tom Claugus. She raised three daughters and has a large and beautiful family. Welcome, Beatriz!

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