Welcome to the Smith Brothers Family Foundation

Thanks to the Smith Brothers Family Foundation we’re able to provide more kids access to life-changing mentorship opportunities.  With their donation, we’re able to provide more than 30 underprivileged children with mentoring opportunities.

Sean and Scott are long-time friends of mine. I introduced them to Mike Gandy Auzenne shortly after the two of us were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters in 1997. They’ve seen Mike grow from a shy eight-year-old to a confident, successful professional. 

Sean and Scott Smith have a long track record of success in business. Educated at the University of Kentucky, they founded Stratose (fka Coalition America), a leader in healthcare claims cost containment, in 1995. Parthenon Capital acquired the business in 2015, and merged Stratose with three other companies to form Zelis Healthcare in 2016. Sean and Scott then founded the Castellan Group, a multi-family office platform, in 2018. 

Their support means a lot to me. The entire PowerUP team thanks you, Sean and Scott!

If you have interest in sponsoring, please visit www.powerupscholarship.org/sponsors/